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With a passion for travel and particularly Morocco, I own and manage Sun Trails.

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Boutique tours of Morocco

granary panorama Private behind- locked- doors visit of a medina with a local university teacher. Tea with the nomads on the deserted plateaus of the Anti- Atlas. Private four- seat plane flight over the snowy peaks of 4000- meter high Atlas mountains to land next to the dunes of the Sahara. How is that for a honey moon surprise ? A night in your own private Bedouin tent, immersed in a silence so thick you could cut a strip through it. Bronze- Age rock engravings and eight- century old Berber igoudars , unreachable fortresses where each village family continues to stock their barley and wheat. A tour of the most interesting art galleries in Marrakech or the craftsmen's district in Fez with a local fashion designer.  Walk through a palm grove and learn about the ingenious khettara irrigation system. Help squeeze olives into oil. Bake bread with the village ladies on almond corks. At Sun Trails, we don’t just create private tailor- made tours of Morocco. We exceed expectations. We craft one- of- a- kind Morocco travel experiences. So that Morocco travels within you long after you returned home.Erg Chigaga dunes and tent 2We are based in Morocco and spend all year round researching and testing new accommodations, things to do and places to visit. Our level of destination knowledge is unmatched, and if you come to us with an idea, we will use our expertise to build your trip around Morocco by suggesting additional destinations and sites. Ensuring you only stay in the most incredible places. Lunch at Richard Branson’s Atlas Mountains retreat. Moroccan cooking classes where you get to take your bread loaf to a local farnatchi oven and bargain in Moroccan Arabic for tomatoes, coriander and oranges in a souika. Front row tickets to Fes World Music Festival, where stages are set inside the palaces of one of the best preserved medinas in the Arab world. Do you know how it feels like to listen to Indian sacred music inside the patio of a riad sitting on a Berber carpet late at night ? Come and find out. Trek through primordial gorges and see- through deep- green water basins where fish swim. With the distinct feeling that you are the first to ever walk there. ISN'T THAT THE ULTIMATE LUXURY ? After all, any travel agent can arrange for you a driver and a trip around Morocco. Take you to see Marrakech and Fes and spend a night in the desert. But how likely are you to return to Morocco soon ? Are you going to just tick some boxes on a travel notebook ?... Or have memories that will stay with you forever?

The river at a turn 2Our accommodation portfolio isn’t based on how much commission we get off the hotels. We choose distinctive properties but will not trade original for authentic. These riads, kasbahs, eco- lodges and boutique hotels must immerse you, their guest, into the local traditions, architecture, crafts and cuisine. From fisherman’s grottoes on the Atlantic coast to dramatic kasbahs turned boutique hotels where Mick Jagger stayed. From 500 year old Berber stone houses to secret Italian designer owned riads in Marrakech. From tree- house mountain chalets in the High Atlas to ‘Out of Africa’ desert camps in the dunes of Erg Chigaga. For us, your experience is at least as important as your comfort. Don’t take our word for it. Visit our blog or read what some of our previous guests had to say about their holidays with us.

in the distance 2 On our website you will find a few examples of a Morocco private tour. But these are merely starting points, a few brushes on an empty canvas. Go on, use your imagination. We'll listen to your ideas, share our local knowledge and then craft something unforgettable. First see what startles your imagination. Then contact us and let us build step-by-step a once-in-a-life-time Moroccan experience.


Morocco Tours & Day Trips from Marrakech

So, you decided to go on a tour around Morocco. Or one of the many day trips from Marrakech. You can't be wrong: great weather all year round and a country so exotic and diverse. Most travel agents will offer you good service and take you into the desert dunes when on a Morocco tour. But how about staying off the beaten track and away from the chain hotels ? How about being guided by foot through the centuries- old palm groves ? Witness how the same clay the locals use for their bricks also shapes their pots and dishes… Or spend overnight in a Berber kasbah turned 4* eco- lodge where the chef uses their garden’s harvest. Cook a Moroccan dish after wandering through the gardens and palaces of Fez. How likely is for you to return to Morocco soon? Would you go back home having missed on all this?
At Sun Trails we believe Morocco is more than just ticking some boxes in a travel notebook. The stunning landscapes and the spell of its crowded souks. The smoke of food stalls rising above Djemaa El Fna when the night sets in. Its unique cultures, crafts and way of life are likely to vanish in the future. Just like its decaying kasbahs, solitary adobe guardians of an age soon resolute. We take you deeper, not further. Uncovering the essential Morocco. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our previous guests thought of our Morocco tours on TripAdvisor and other forums.
Here you can browse through and select your own Morocco tour or day trip according to what you look for. If you don’t know where to start, we can put together your own itinerary, tailor- made as you require it.  A several day tour around Morocco or just a day trip from Marrakech, we can create almost anything you can think of, according to your travel style and budget. Whether you’re looking for culture and history, exotic scenery or adventure, family holidays or romantic getaway, we can arrange it. We'll listen to your ideas, share our local knowledge with you, and then craft something amazing. Have a look and see what startles your imagination. Then contact us for your adventure.
҉   All our tours and day trips are private ( sole use). The modern air conditioned 4x4  and its English speaking driver are at your exclusive disposal for the entire duration of the journey.
҉   Along with the Atlas Mountains day trips, Ouzoud Waterfalls, Erg Chebbi desert tour or Essaouira day trip, there are extras for the more intrepid traveler that can be included. Lunch at Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot, camel riding or cooking bread with the locals are only a few examples.

 ҉   For our private tours we handpick and test local 4 star equivalent boutique Riads, Kasbahs and eco lodges over large corporate hotels. Cozy and romantic, they are equipped with all the modern amenities to ensure you a comfortable stay. For a complete list of accommdations used on our tours please visit our ' Terms and conditions' page.
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  ҉  ҉ Our rates include entrance fees to any site or attraction on the road as well as refreshing drinks inside the vehicle all along the journey.

  ҉   Afraid of spending too much time inside the car ? Rest assured, our drivers accommodate regular stops to visit a local site, walk in the Atlas or simply stretch your legs. You are at all time in charge of the pace of your journey.

  ҉   Our drivers do not just get around in English. They have a vast knowledge of the traditions and the culture of the areas you will cover and will share it with you in fluent English.

  ҉   We take ‘tailor made’ to the next level being as flexible as you wish. If you desire, you can adjust the itinerary while on the road or change the return time, within reason.

  ҉   We are located in Morocco, have a decade of combined in country experience and speak the local language. A staff representative regularly travels the routes, tests the accommodations and partakes in the activities/ sites of  our tours;

  ҉   Travelling with children/ teenagers? Do not worry, we have specifically designed day trips and tours to keep them entertained! Just ask for a quote and we will send you all the details.


Morocco Tours

 Perhaps you’d like to get away from the bustle of Marrakech for a day or sleep under the stars in the Sahara. Witness the splendor of the Roman age at Volubilis before roaming around the alleys of the world’s largest intact medieval city in Fes. Explore mysterious Kasbahs and nomad Berber grottos or marvel at the glory of past royal dynasties. Pick up ancient caravan trails before the breeze of the Atlantic cools you off. Take a look and see what conquers your imagination. But remember, if you can’t find your idea of a tour around Morocco listed here, our travel specialists can help and inspire you.

As with many other things in life, the essential is usually hidden away. We like to believe we are doing our part in uncovering it. UNCOVERING THE ESSENTIAL MOROCCO.


Ouzoud Waterfalls

ouzoud waterfalls morocco

This day tour from Marrakech uncovers the most stunning natural site in Morocco, Ouzoud Waterfalls.

Ouzoud falls, Imi N Ifri natural bridge and buccolic Moroccan countryside are part of this excursion from Marrakech.



Leaving the Medina behind and skirting through the palm grove of Marrakech our day trip sooon reaches vast landscapes, dotted with small villages, past olive and orange orchards and the occasional goat herds. This is Morocco at its most buccolic. Time seems to loose sense as one occasionaly sights some local following a vague trail or path, over vast barren lands and wonder what their destination might be, if any. 

As our day tour  from Marrakech slowly approaches the Middle Atlas, the road is constantly zig - zagging and meandering throughout a hilly landscape. The soil is red and contrasts with the green carpet of thousands of olive trees planted on the plateau. 'Ouzoud' means olive in the local Berber language. 

Before long, our journey reaches Demnate, a small charming walled town with its old Mellah ( jewish district). Shortly after, south of Demnate lies the 'door to the cave', known in the local Berber dialect as Imi n'Ifri, a natural rock bridge shaped by the implosion of an underground cave system. There are spectacular views from both up above and down below, where the oued flows between the vertical stone walls while exotic birds fly about overhead. The opening at the bottom of the gorge is in the shape of Africa.

Back on the road, the thundering sound lets us know we are close to the falls. The valley around the lake at the base of the waterfalls is not visible until the last moment. Despite the cascades showing up in any tourism brochure, the site has kept its charm and relaxed ambiance, alas getting quite busy with Moroccan tourists in the summer.

You will discover the waterfalls from the top. From there, the view is mesmerizing. Six streams crowned with a double rainbow thunder down the rocks in a cloud of droplets. You can catch a glimpse of the plunge pool around 100 meters below. Early morning, if you are lucky, you will be joined by macaque monkeys playing around.

It is possible to continue the trek down to the bottom of the waterfall taking a number of stone steps. Before you descend try spotting the lip of the falls just past Riad Cascades d'Ouzoud at the top of the village. The over sized caves here used to shelter watermills, grinding wheat into flour as the river is diverted through their wheels before plunging over the edge. A path through a grove of olive trees leads to the pools carved out of the rock at the base of the falls; here you can swim. Although local guides are available, we recommend discovering the site by yourselves. If you decide to hire a local guide, you should agree the rate with him before the tour. 

For lunch, a juicy tajine or meat grill can be enjoyed in the shade of the olive trees or in a local  restaurant overlooking the lake.

If you continue downstream, there are small, clean pools offering a great opportunity for swims in the warm season ( so make sure you pack a swimming suit ). For those interested, abseiling, kayaking, river sliding or water skiing can be arranged on spot, subject to the water level. On our way back to Marrakech, the day trip will return on a different route. 

You are free to choose your time of departure. However, in order to make the best out of your day out, we recommend leaving no later than 8 AM. Forecasted return time in Marrakech is 5- 6 PM.

PRICE.............................................................................................. 70 EUROS PER PERSON ( BASED ON 2 PERSONS SHARING THE VEHICLE). DISCOUNTS APPLY FOR 3 OR MORE PERSONS.

The rate includes: private ( sole use) of the modern air conditioned Toyota 4x4 and the English fluent driver- guide, entrance fees to all sites and monuments, refreshing drinks inside the vehicle, pick up and drop off from/ to the hotel/ Riad and transport insurance.


Fortress or palace?

kasbah ait bennhadou - Copy

Our day trip from Marrakech to Ait Benhaddou and Telouet is best for Kasbah architecture, Atlas Mountains views and a taste of the Grand Sud.

UNESCO Ait Benhaddou site, Atlas Mountains, pasha's palace at Telouet, Fint oasis and film studios in Ouarzazate can be included in this day tour. 


Leaving Marrakech behind, our journey encounters beautiful scenery and small villages built in tiers succeeding among oak trees, walnut groves and oleander bushes. The road snakes up before arriving at the spectacular Tizi n Tichka pass. We are now at 2260 meters high. Once over the pass a totally different landscape is unveiled: the lunar landscape of the Anti Atlas and the plain beyond it. Scent of thyme from the bushes around fills the air. 

Just after the pass, our itinerary turns left and we find ourselves on the ancient route caravans used to bring the much sought- after goods at the court of the Sultan. We soon reach Telouet. The ruins of the pasha's palace dominate the village, a fortified citadel that is both a microcosm of an empire and its demise. He had managed to overshadow the sultan by controlling most of nowadays Morocco and decided to erect a palace in the middle of nowhere, where his family had originated from. He had employed the most skilled artisans to build and decorate his main residence and, in its golden age, armies, stables and Christian slaves were confined within its walls while a flourishing Jewish community managed the nearby salt mines.

Leaving Telouet behind, the trip crosses spaghetti western backgrounds to then meet the canyon. The gardens by the river bed melt into a gigantic green serpent imprisoned between the brown ridges, only to escape out into the horizon. The road follows the green serpent and on the other side, carved into the wall of the canyon, grottoes are still being used for keeping the stock or grains over the winter by the semi nomadic people of the area. Here and there, decaying kasbahs stand witnesses of an age soon resolute. 

Late afternoon. Then is the time to visit Ait Benhaddou, the postcard- like UNESCO adobe citadel. A fat, red sun, only underlines the beige tones of the mud and straws mixture and through the covered passages and stone walls, the past filters itself into the present. In spite of the local ‘guides’, the best is to just lose yourselves in its alleyways. There is always a new way to reach its peak, from where the snowcapped Atlas Mountains will steal your breath away. If the climb up hadn’t already. Half hour later, our trip crosses Ouarzazate, made famous by its film studios where recently scenes of 'Game of Thrones'  were shot. With this background, you may want to ride a camel along the kasbah's walls, by the river bed. Further away, the Oasis of Fint is a great example of life within an oasis.

We will then start our way back crossing the High Atlas, this time on the national road, once a camel track that was turned into a proper road suitable for vehicles in the 1030's with the help of the French Foreign Legion. The excursion serpents its way past abrupt valleys and mountain peaks to descend onto Marrakech later in the evening.

You are free to choose your time of departure. However, in order to make the best out of your day out, we recommend leaving no later than 8 AM. Forecasted return time in Marrakech is 7- 8 PM.

PRICE.............................................................................................. 75 EUROS PER PERSON ( BASED ON 2 PERSONS SHARING THE VEHICLE). DISCOUNTS APPLY FOR 3 OR MORE PERSONS.

The rate includes: private ( sole use) of the modern air conditioned Toyota 4x4 and the English fluent driver- guide, entrance fees to all sites and monuments, refreshing drinks inside the vehicle, pick up and drop off from/ to the hotel/ Riad and transport insurance.

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Boutique tours of Morocco

What better place than Morocco for a private tailor made tour ? It can be a day trip from Marrakech into the Atlas Mountains. Or a 14 day private luxury Morocco tour. And everything in between. With such a different culture and language, a boutique 4x4 Morocco tour with an English speaking local driver- guide guarantees the best holidays in Morocco. Choose one of the many 4x4 tours from Marrakech or another imperial city and you will discover the off the beaten track Morocco. Much more than excursions from Marrakech or Morocco desert tours, our 4x4 custom tours travel all across Morocco, covering Berber villages, majestic Kasbahs, enchanting palm groves or Touareg desert camps. From Ait Benhaddou to Chefchaouen, from Erg Chebbi to Taroudant and from camel rides in the Sahara to hardcore trekking Morocco can only offer. Browse among our 4x4 boutique tours of Morocco and book your favorite today !