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green morocco tours

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GREEN MOROCCO TOURS. What if the accommodations offered on your Morocco tour would comply with the best environmental practices ? Saving electricity. Regulate and preserve water. Making sure the waste is recycled. Employing only local work force. And much more.  

Traditional Berber villages have always been built from a mix of straws and river mud. The centuries- old ingenious building techniques allow for best insulation and air circulation inside the house, making it the ideal ‘green building’. Of course, the Kasbahs and Riads where we accommodate our guests on our Morocco tours cannot be expected to be built only from adobe and have Berber rugs for beds.

They also need to have suites with ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, heated pool, a full kitchen and so on. With comfort and modern amenities comes more waste and energy spent and thus more impact on the environment. Or does it have to be that way ? Well, not really... But hold on a second. How do you know the accommodations offered on our 'Green Tours' are actually 'green' ? Because they have been awarded the internationally- recognized 'Green Key' label. 

What is Green Key ?

The Green Key is a label awarded to 1800 tourist establishments ( hotels/ guest houses) in 36 countries aiming to develop responsible tourism through best environmental initiatives. Green Key is a program created by the Foundation for Environmental Education ( FEE) based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a federation of 73 NGO’s over 63 countries and 5 continents worldwide whose common goal is promoting sustainable education through environmental education. Last but not least, Green Key is one of the very few international green labels awarding tourist establishments in Morocco.

It has standardized mandatory criteria, award procedures and values in each member country, with some specific national adaptations. It is awarded on a voluntary, annual, progressive and positive basis from both mandatory and optional criteria in the following areas: environmental education, environmental management, involvement and training of personnel, information and customer awareness, and management of water, energy, waste, food, administration, green spaces, etc.

Just another green label ?

Not exactly. The criteria for the Green Key label is very strict and is being reinforced every 3 years by a company’s representative visiting the awarded establishment. Each establishment has to choose
its own Green Label Representative among its staff and he will have to reinforce criteria each and every year with the rest of the staff. The criteria is divided into 12 different sections , each section then divided into several paragraphs. Some of the criteria include:

 At least 50% of the light bulbs must be energy efficient;

 Water flow from at least 50% of the showers must not exceed 9 litres per minute;

 The establishment must separate waste into the categories that can be handled separately by the localor national waste management facilities;

 All wastewater must be treated. When treatment of wastewater is regulated by national or local regulations, then it must comply with these regulations.

For a detailed list of the criteria please visit:

What is a Green Tour with Sun Trails ?

A Green Tour is any of our Morocco Tours where the accommodation booked has been awarded the Green Key label or is otherwise an environmentally friendly accommodation complying with certain criteria including environmental management, customer awareness, management of water, energy, food, etc.
If you are interested in booking an Green Tour with us just select any of our tours in the Morocco Tours option and make sure to mention ‘ Eco Tour’ or ‘ Green Tour’ in the enquiry form you send us.

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